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**The Bay Lights** It looks like a whole new bridge! On Friday night I found out they would be testing the new lights, so why wouldn't I go shoot it. The lights dance however, but it's not the easiest shot to get, unless you shoot at a crazy high ISO to capture the light patterns. Either way, the lights look awesome. Starting March 5th (Grand Lighting) they will be for a couple years, or even longer if people petition to keep them up like the last set of lights! The Bay Lights is an iconic light sculpture designed by internationally renowned artist Leo Villareal. This stunning fine arts experience will live for two years on the San Francisco Bay Bridge West Span, starting with the Grand Lighting on March 5, 2013. Visit www.thebaylights.org/ for more information on the project. It will also become world's largest light sculpture. — at Bay Bridge. Website | facebook | Google+ | Blog | Stipple

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Toby Harriman, from

San Francisco